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Get Ready for Fantasy CFL Contests on DraftKings

DraftKings CFL Week 1 Primer for the NFL Fan

Are you ready for some football? Christmas came early this year with Canadian Football League contests on DraftKings. Odds are that you are new to Canadian Football, it’s teams, players, and rules. Worry not, we have you covered with just the most important facts to get you moving in the right direction for this week’s CFL contests on DraftKings.

One question we have received several times this week is why… Why would DraftKings add CFL to their slate of sports. Their are several reasons I can think of right away. First, a rake is a rake and football is king. DraftKings has always been willing to reach on new sports if they think they can be profitable.

The second reason is that the CFL gives them the ability to market directly to a market of sports fans that may not already play NFL or NHL contests on DK. Within minutes of announcing their new partnership with the CFL, ads went up on

The last reason may be that the CFL is actually backing these contests. Obviously this is purely speculation, but we already know what DFS has done for NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket sales… could DraftKings significantly improve CFL TV ratings and interest? It seems very likely, and this is certainly a win-win for DK and the CFL.

Canadian Football League Teams

The biggest savior here, when it comes to having to learn a new pro sports league, is that the CFL only has 9 teams. Below you will find the 9 teams, their divisions, and their final standings from last season.

cfl - west - division

cfl - east - division

Canadian Football League Rule Differences

Let’s focus on the biggest differences between the NFL and CFL rules:

  • The CFL has 12 players on the field.
  • The CFL field is 10 yards longer and 12 yards wider, with the goal posts on the goal line.
  • If a kick goes into the end zone and isn’t brought out it’s 1 point for the kicking team, this is called a single or rouge.
  • Illegal motion is allowed on offense… Somewhat similar to Arena Football, players in the backfield can run towards the line of scrimmage.
  • The offensive play clock is only 20 seconds, vs 35 seconds in NFL games.
  • Overtime is college rules, alternating possessions from the 35 yard line, with only 2 point conversions.

Who are the Top Players?

Mike Reilly – Just looking at the stat leaders from last season, it may not be clear why Reilly is the early favorite for Most Outstanding Player, but he missed over 6 games last season. He’s a prolific passer that is also a really good runner. He plays with the CFL’s top receiver, Adarius Bowman.

Adarius Bowman – Bowman has been the most explosive player in the CFL over the past few seasons and has average 100/1400/7 over those two years. With a healthy Reilly back at the helm, look for a monster season out of Bowman.

Andrew Harris – The biggest offseason move was Harris going to Winnipeg. He’s the league’s top running back, but is doubtful for week 1. Harris was second in the league in rushing yards and touchdowns, but also catches 60+ passes every year.

Jeremiah Johnson – Johnson was a touchdown machine last season, scoring 9 times in 10 games. The Oregon product was signed by BC as a Free Agent this offseason. Keep an eye on the workload share between Johnson and Chris Rainey.

Henry Burris – Burris led the league in passing yards, was second in passing TD’s, and was third in rushing TD’s. He’s the highest priced player in this week’s DraftKings CFL slate.

Zach Collaros – Many US fans will already be familiar with this Cinci product, one of the leagues brightest young stars. However, Collaros tore his ACL and won’t play this season.

Derel Walker – The Eskimos are the league’s top offense, and Walker, the #2 target on the team, is arguably the #2 receiver in the league. He’s a boom-or-bust play with several 120+ yard games and some games where he disappeared.

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1 Comment

  1. Jared Perkins

    June 23, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Huge overlay in these contests too… Do you know where we can watch the games?

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