Using DraftKings Qualifiers to Enter High Stakes Tournaments for Free

Build Your Bankroll and Win Free Entries With DraftKings Qualifiers

The DFS scene continues to grow and plenty of new players are joining up with DFS sites every single day. As one of the leaders of this rapidly-evolving industry, DraftKings receives a lot of attention and its userbase continues to expand as time goes by. With new players arriving on DraftKings, the game lobby and systems might be a little overwhelming to begin with and, unfortunately, some players will give up on daily fantasy sports games because they simply didn’t understand the system or found themselves losing games and money over and over again.

It’s easy to see how a certain amount of players can go frustrated with DFS games as they use relatively small bankrolls, giving them lower chances of winning big and preventing them from participating in as many different games and contests as other players with larger sums of money. A lot of players simply can’t afford to put too much money into daily fantasy sports games and feel that they are therefore missing out on a lot of the fun offered by these sites. DraftKings has a huge array of great games on offer with low entry fees, but every player dreams of entering the tournaments with six and seven-figure prize pools for a chance at really changing their lives.

Fortunately, if you’re the sort of people who has to enjoy DFS games on a pretty tight budget, we’re here to share a great secret with you. There is a very simple way for you to have a chance of winning huge prizes without investing enormous amounts of money. If you’re new to the game or don’t take the time to explore every option, you might have ignored the “Qualifiers” tab in the game lobby. However, ignoring this tab is a huge mistake as it represents the secret path to those huge cash prizes you see advertised all around the site.

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What is a Qualifier?

So what is a qualifier? Well, as you might be able to guess from the name, qualifiers are games that grant you access to additional games. If you can win a qualifier, you’ll move on to another game, often with a much greater cash prize. Qualifiers are also known as Q’s or Satellites, but don’t let these different titles confuse you as they’re all essentially the same thing. The term “Satellites” actually comes from poker games and many poker players around the internet will be aware of the famous story of Chris MoneyMaker, who entered an online poker game for just $44 and qualified his way to the final round, which had a $10,000 entry fee. As luck would have it, MoneyMaker not only won his satellite, but he won the entire tournament and walked away with over two million dollars.

This story has inspired countless players around the world to try and emulate MoneyMaker’s success through the use of qualifiers. DraftKings features a lot of tournaments offering big cash prizes, but they usually come relatively high entry fees that are just too pricey for the average fantasy player. You’ve probably seen the $300 tournaments promoted around the site and wished you could be a part of them, but it’s simply too much money to risk for you. Well, qualifiers are the answer!

Having read all of this, it might surprise you to learn that qualifiers are actually one of the most overlooked gametypes on DraftKings, with many players simply ignoring or failing to notice the big “Qualifier” tab on the game lobby. However, these games can pave your way to success. DraftKings regularly holds qualifiers with $3 entry fees. There are usually 100 participants, making $300 in entry fees in total. As you would expect, the winner of this Q is able to enjoy free entry to one of the $300 tournaments we talked about earlier. So for just three dollars, you could have a chance to play for thousands.

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Comparing Qualifier Entry Costs to the Bigger Tournaments

What makes qualifiers even better is that they are exceptionally cheap. You can find some Q’s that only cost a quarter to enter. They also usually feature overlay, allowing you to theoretically lay down a single dollar as your fee and enter four different teams, giving you a greater chance of winning and more potential to try out different strategies. Obviously, with so many participants, your chances of winning a huge tournament might not be the highest in the world, but even if you placed well and earned a prize, that cash prize would be much higher than your initial $1 or $3 investment to enter the original qualifier, giving you an incredible chance to multiply your bankroll exponentially.

To give you a simple example, let’s imagine you decide to enter two teams in one of the $3 qualifiers, so you spend $6 in total to enter the competition. If you win, you’ve essentially just earned a ticket worth $300 for just $6 in funds. That means you have multiplied your bankroll by fifty! If, in the tournament you can do reasonably well and get one of the minimum prizes, you’ll be earning even more cash at an incredibly rapid rate. If you’re a smart player who does their research and has a sound strategy, you will win a Q eventually and give yourself a great chance to boost your bankroll, so start using qualifiers to get involved with those high stakes tournaments.

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