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Top Sleeper and Breakout Players for 2015

Our Top Sleepers and Breakout Picks

To really give your fantasy football team the best chance of success, you have to hit on some top quality sleeper picks who can bring plenty of points to your team for a relatively low value. These sorts of players won’t be the most popular picks, but they can make the difference between success and failure in all sorts of fantasy leagues and contests. The 2015 season is rich with hidden gems and potential breakout players, so let’s go through the list and identify some of the best value players to include in your squad.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Last season, Carr showed glimpses of what he can do in spite of having a rather cautious playstyle. He is an excellent holder of the ball and had only sixteen turnovers last year. In preseason practice sessions, he is already exciting coaches and critics alike with his strength and speed. He might not necessarily play too often for the Raiders, but he’ll get his chance to shine this season and should be considered for your squad.

Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles

The rookie receiver will undoubtedly get plenty of time on the field this year. He’ll surely be second choice for the receiver spot at the Eagles, right behind the exciting Jordan Matthews. Even with Matthews’ talent, Agholor remains a versatile player who can make an impact in various roles. With the addition of reliable quarterback Sam Bradford to the Eagles’ squad, Agholor should be well-placed to earn a lot of points this season and is a highly-rated sleeper pick.

Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys

Having lost DeMarco Murray to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys will be looking to players like Randle to make the difference for them this season. An exciting and dynamic player, the running back should do well for many fantasy teams if he can perform on the big stage and fulfill his potential.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

There is a chance that the fact that Kelce has only one year of evidence, and plays for the Chiefs will cause members of your league to sleep on him. Don’t make that mistake. Alongside players like Jeremy Maclin and Jamaal Charles, Kelce should be able to have a fantastic season with the Chiefs this year. Kelce has the speed and strength to take advantage of his teammates’ movements, ensuring that the tight end should be a player worth considering for your fantasy leagues.

C.J. Spiller, New Orleans Saints

The Saints are renowned for their fast moving and accurate passing, providing the ideal conditions for Spiller to have a good season in 2015. He may have some trouble with injuries but if he stays fit he’ll be an excellent value option for your fantasy squads. Mark Ingram will provide some competition for the running back role, but he struggles with injuries as well which should allow for Spiller to see plenty of playing time.

Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders

Murray is one of the most exciting players for Raiders fans to watch. Always capable of an explosive play, the running back should combine well with his teammates to score some big points for your squad this year.

latavius murray nfl fantasy football sleeper

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings

Rudolph is a physical specimen. At six foot six and 265 pounds, the tight end has plenty of muscle to make an impact this season. His 2012 season was particularly remarkable with 9 touchdowns scared from 53 catches and he is eager to replicate that sort of form this year.

Stedman Bailey, St. Louis Rams

The wide receiver is evidently full of potential. He could be set for a real breakout season in 2015 and should prove to be a valuable addition to many fantasy squads. Some would say he is easily the first choice receiver at the Rams. It’s easy to see that there isn’t much competition for the role in the squad, which should allow for Bailey to spend plenty of time on the field and at least earn a regular flow of points for your team.

eric ebron sleeper

Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions

The Lions snatched Ebron in the very first round of the 2014 draft. A surprising move, especially given the rather disappointing performances that followed. However, people may be overlooking Ebron’s talent. It’s true that he had a rough time in 2014 but his Year 2 should be ready for a much more impressive year. He’s exceptionally strong and quick and easily has the ability to score some exciting touchdowns. Plenty of preseason training should ensure that Ebron has expanded his knowledge of the game and his connections with his teammates, preparing him for a great 2015.

Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins’ running back was certainly a breakout player in 2014 but surprisingly isn’t one of the top picks for fantasy players so far this year. After a season with eight touchdowns and 1,099 rushing yards, Miller can only get better and should contribute a lot of points to a typical fantasy team. Fans should expect him to at least hit double figures in the touchdown statistics this year and his speed will prove a great asset to the Dolphins’ offense.

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