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theScore Launches DFS Product QuickDraft

The DFS industry is growing larger and larger by the day. This makes it hard for new companies to successfully break into the world of daily fantasy sports. There’s a lot of competition out there and, to make things more complicated, the legality of daily fantasy games is being brought into question in certain states around the US like New York. Young entrepreneurs hoping to develop a DFS startup enterprise are therefore having to find new ways to make their offerings more appealing.

The latest name to throw their hat into the daily fantasy ring is theScore. theScore has long been our recommended mobile scoreboard app, and it will be interesting to see if their success in that arena and enormous mobile user base will translate to daily fantasy users.

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Introducing QuickDraft from TheScore

Making people spend their money to enter leagues and games on a new site is an almost impossible task at this point, so some companies are entering the free-to-play DFS market in an attempt to gain some ground on the big names of the industry. One such example is theScore, a sports media outlet that focuses on mobile devices and delivers the latest scores and news to its followers. The folk behind theScore have now decided to try their hand at DFS by creating QuickDraft, a mobile DFS platform featuring exclusively free-to-play leagues and tournaments.

This move will come as little surprise to fans who followed the news in late 2014 when theScore purchased a fantasy platform called Swoopt. For now, QuickDraft is only available on iOS devices, but it’s certainly possible that the offering will expand to additional platforms in the future. Users can also access the service through a mobile-optimized website. The offering itself isn’t really bringing anything new to the table, but the fact that it offers free-to-play games should certainly be enough to entice a good number of users into trying it out.

QuickDraft is a relatively simple product in these early days. Users are only able to play NFL-based daily fantasy leagues at the moment, but there are plans in place to add NBA, NHL and even MLB to the roster of sports. In NFL games, users are able to build a roster of five players and pit their wits against other users in a variety of contests. The service is only in its infancy but the staff of theScore will be hoping for rapid growth.

Over 10 million active users sign on to theScore’s media platform each month, and the COO of the company, Benjie Levy, will be hoping to convert some of these users over to the new DFS offering as soon as possible. Levy claims that theScore is filling a gap in the market with QuickDraft by providing a more casual and mobile-friendly experience.


QuickDraft From theScore Launches as a Free DFS Platform

Naturally, the most appealing aspect of the site is that every one of its games are free to play. This is a big draw for many people, essentially ruling out the risk aspect of playing DFS games and losing your own cash. There are also some enticing real-money prizes to be won, with QuickDraft paying out some big bucks to contest winners. However, if you’re tempted by the idea, it might be wise to sign up quickly as theScore does have plans to introduce entry fees in the future. It was actually the recent legal problems in New York that encouraged the company to provide fee-less games for the time being.

This was a clever move from the company as the lack of fees means that the legal quandary regarding paid gaming is more or less removed from the equation for QuickDraft, so theScore shouldn’t have to worry about any court battles as its service gets up-and-running. This is all built around the idea of “chance vs skill”. The big DFS sites defend themselves by saying that daily fantasy is a game of skill, rather than pure chance. However, the creators of QuickDraft won’t need to worry about this and are already offering their service in all 50 states.

It will be interesting to see how theScore works to fuse its two platforms together in the weeks and months to come. Many big DFS sites have signed deals in recent times with large analytics and media companies, with DFS enthusiasts expecting big things for the future with regard to the fusion of real and fantasy sports.


Future Outlook for theScore

The people behind QuickDraft have a bit of a head start in this department as their existing platform, theScore, is very popular and fits perfectly with a DFS offering. The information, stats, score updates and news provided by theScore could all be easily integrated into QuickDraft to offer a more engaging experience for users.

As previously mentioned, the company also has a nice little head start over the opposition when it comes to attracting users. Ads and links can easily be placed on theScore platform to spread the word about QuickDraft, and a good percentage of the company’s existing userbase will surely be interested in testing out the new platform. However, it’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion that the platform will prove to be successful.

Other companies with millions of followers have delved into the DFS industry and failed to convert their users across. Only time will tell whether or not QuickDraft will attract enough attention to enjoy success.

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