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Seattle Seahawks 2015 Fantasy Preview

The Seahawks will look back with both pride and regret on their 2014 season, putting in some incredible performances but narrowly failing to win back-to-back Super Bowls. Despite such an impressive season, the team represented a mixed bag of options for fantasy owners, with only a handful of players really excelling individually. The offseason for the Seahawks has been a fairly quiet one, with the only major addition to the squad being superstar tight end Jimmy Graham, formerly of the New Orleans Saints.

The Seahawks were more preoccupied with locking down their existing talent, offering signal caller Russell Wilson a new contract. As week 1 of the new season approaches, fantasy fans will be looking at the Seahawks roster in an attempt to identify the best selections for their own squads. Let’s go through each position on the field and highlight some players to watch from the Seattle team.

russell wilson seahawks preview

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback

It’s fair to say that Wilson enjoyed an incredible season in 2014 and represented a great option for fantasy owners. He ranked third out of all quarterbacks and is set to be the third most popular pick for fantasy fans heading into the new season. He has a very broad skillset and can earn you a lot of points with his running and passing abilities. He also appears to be a very healthy player and is yet to suffer from any major injuries, so there’s not too much risk associated with selecting him either.

The addition of Jimmy Graham to the roster will help certainly help Wilson out as the new tight end should provide a great target. The signal caller should be able to finish the season with a good number of passing touchdowns and will earn your team a decent number of points. That said, he isn’t quite at the level of players like Rodgers and Luck, so feel free to wait for the third round to pick him up.


Seattle Seahawks Running Back

Marshawn Lynch is a dominant running back and the Seahawks will continue to rely on him to put up some big numbers in 2015. He has represented a great choice for fantasy owners over the last few seasons and should continue to do so in the new year. People are talking about the Seahawks switching to more of a passing game, but that shouldn’t really make you worry about Lynch. Beast Mode will still be doing what he does and earning a lot of fantasy points. He was the leading running back in terms of touchdowns last season and has started nearly every single game since arriving in Seattle back in 2011. Even if he suffers a dip in form, Lynch is simply too good to fail and will put up big numbers in 2015.

There might be a bit of concern that the veteran will get himself injured eventually and his playstyle is certainly a risky one, but he’s survived everything so far and will hopefully do the same in his next season. A potential handcuff to Lynch would be Christine Michael. After struggling with a few issues and mistakes so far in his career, Michael might be ready to finally fulfill his potential in 2015. He’s a risky pick but could pay off.

Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver

The Seahawks might be slightly lacking in this department, but they have some reliable options. Doug Baldwin is the top WR on the roster but didn’t put up the best figures for fantasy owners last season. Baldwin, along with the other WRs on the Seahawks squad, should enjoy the benefits of working with Jimmy Graham, but we can’t really expect any of them to be top-tier fantasy picks. Jermaine Kearse certainly has potential but has failed to really live up to it so far. Meanwhile, Tyler Lockett represents a potentially exciting addition to the Seahawks squad but we can’t recommend him as a fantasy selection just yet. The same goes for Paul Richardson. Finally, we have Chris Matthews who did well in the Super Bowl but needs to show that sort of form on a more regular basis.

Seattle Seahawks Tight End

jimmy-graham-fantasy-seattle-seahawks-previewHere’s one position that is completely locked down. Jimmy Graham was added to the Seahawks squad in the offseason and will be asked to play a very vital role in their 2015 season. He’ll have to adapt to the Seahawks’ strategy and will probably be doing much more blocking than he did at the Saints. He’ll be a big part of the offensive game at Seattle and should be involved in red zone plays quite often. He can certainly earn a decent amount of touchdown receptions but some of his statistics will take a hit. His yards, in particular, should be reduced from last season but he’s still an excellent player and a good fantasy selection.

Seattle Seahawks Defense

The Seahawks have a great defense and have retained all of their major players, losing Byron Maxwell but bringing in the reliable Cary Williams to fill his role. However, there are some problems behind the scenes that might make fans think twice about the defensive options on the Seahawks roster. Earl Thomas has undergone an operation while there’s plenty of drama surrounding Kam Chancellor’s contract negotiations. That said, the Seahawks’ defensive players have proven themselves more than capable and this team still has the finest defense out there.


Finally, we come to the kicker position where Steven Hauschka is the man. The veteran had 31-37 last season in terms of field goal attempts and is always a reliable option.

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