Preseason Wide Receiver Rankings

Seeing A.J. Green in the teens in a lot of 'expert' rankings is unacceptable... Green is a top five talent in the prime of his career, with a veteran quarterback and proven offensive coordinator. Get him back in your top 10.

It’s hard to imagine a wide receiver having a better season than Antonio Brown had last season. He was virtually uncoverable, with a great 71+% catch rate on an insane 11.3 targets per game. That being said, with the upcoming Martavis Bryant, a more-seasoned Markus Wheaton, along with Bell and Miller, there is a chance his target dip this year back under 10/game.

If Brown’s numbers do drop off slightly, there are several talented receivers nipping at his heels for that top spot. You really can’t go wrong with Megatron, Jordy, Dez, Julio, Demaryius, Odell, A.J., Cobb, or Jeffery. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these 10 receivers finish in any order.

Players that I like a little more than most experts include Keenan Allen, who I expect to have a nice bounce back season. Martavis Bryant, who I think will play more snaps and receive more targets this season. I also have Nelson Agholor rated higher than the expert consensus. While it may take him a while to acclimate, I just think he’s the perfect fit for the Jeremy Maclin role. Another rookie who I think is a perfect fit for the system he finds himself in is Breshard Perriman. Look for a ton of targets, receptions and big plays out of the polished rookie.

RankPosition ADPPlayer (team, bye)
11Antonio Brown   –   (Steelers, 11)
26Julio Jones   –   (Falcons, 10)
37Jordy Nelson   –   (Packers, 7)
42Dez Bryant   –   (Cowboys, 6)
54Calvin Johnson   –   (Lions, 9)
62Demaryius Thomas   –   (Broncos, 7)
75Odell Beckham   –   (Giants, 11)
88A.J. Green   –   (Bengals, 7)
910Randall Cobb   –   (Packers, 7)
119Alshon Jeffery   –   (Bears, 7)
1015Brandin Cooks   –   (Saints, 11)
1211Mike Evans   –   (Bucs, 6)
1314Emmanuel Sanders   –   (Broncos, 7)
1413DeAndre Hopkins   –   (Texans, 9)
1523Golden Tate   –   (Lions, 9)
1619Keenan Allen   –   (Chargers, 10)
1717Jordan Matthews   –   (Eagles, 8)
1816Kelvin Benjamin   –   (Panthers, 5)
1912T.Y. Hilton   –   (Colts, 10)
2025Sammy Watkins   –   (Bills, 8)
2131Jarvis Landry   –   (Dolphins, 5)
2224Amari Cooper   –   (Raiders, 6)
2321DeSean Jackson   –   (Redskins, 8)
2426Martavis Bryant   –   (Steelers, 11)
2518Andre Johnson   –   (Colts, 10)
2629Allen Robinson   –   (Jaguars, 8)
2722Julian Edelman   –   (Patriots, 4)
2832Brandon LaFell   –   (Patriots, 4)
2927Vincent Jackson   –   (Bucs, 6)
3036Mike Wallace   –   (Vikings, 5)
3138Nelson Agholor   –   (Eagles, 8)
3228Jeremy Maclin   –   (Chiefs, 9)
3335Larry Fitzgerald   –   (Cardinals, 9)
342Brandon Marshall   –   (Jets, 5)
3534Michael Floyd   –   (Cardinals, 9)
3642Marques Colston   –   (Saints, 11)
3745Pierre Garcon   –   (Redskins, 8)
3830Roddy White   –   (Falcons, 10)
3937Steve Smith   –   (Ravens, 9)
4039Anquan Boldin   –   (49ers, 10)
4147Kendall Wright   –   (Titans, 4)
4244Breshard Perriman   –   (Ravens, 9)
4348Victor Cruz   –   (Giants, 11)
4449Davonte Adams   –   (Packers, 7)
4543Kevin White   –   (Bears, 7)
4655Brian Quick   –   (Rams, 6)
4752Terrance Williams   –   (Cowboys, 6)
4840Charles Johnson   –   (Vikings, 5)
4933Eric Decker   –   (Jets, 5)
5041Torrey Smith   –   (49ers, 10)
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