Preseason Quarterback Rankings

Preseason Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

For me, there is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is not only the top quarterback in the NFL, but the top fantasy quarterback in the NFL. His defense got worse this offseason, and I expect him to return to the monster numbers he put up in 2011. If Rodgers is undoubtedly number one, Luck is undoubtedly number two, and that’s where things get sketchy.

At three most experts have Russell Wilson, but, while his passing touchdowns should jump up to the mid-20’s, I think his rushing yardage and touchdowns come back to earth this season. If this is the case, he should return to the 5-10 range.

The Steelers offense has set a goal of 30 ppg this season, and I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t get there. They have a top 10 offensive line, top 5 group of receivers, top 3 running back, and the guy that benefits from it all… Big Ben.

Working our way down the list, not a log of big surprises… I’m higher on Stafford than most experts: year two in the Lombardi (Saints) system, and Eric Ebron looks to fill that need for a receiving tight end/3rd option in the passing game. I’ve always been a fan of Sam Bradford’s skill set, and think it’s a perfect fit in Philadelphia. I think he’s a legit top 10 quarterback this season in the Eagle offense.

RankPosition ADPPlayer (team, bye)
12Aaron Rodgers   –   (Packers, 7)
21Andrew Luck   –   (Colts, 10)
36Ben Roethlisberger   –   (Steelers, 11)
44Peyton Manning   –   (Broncos, 7)
55Drew Brees   –   (Saints, 11)
63Russell Wilson   –   (Seattle, 9)
712Matthew Stafford   –   (Lions, 9)
810Ryan Tannehill   –   (Dolphins, 5)
98Matt Ryan   –   (Falcons, 10)
1017Sam Bradford   –   (Eagles, 8)
117Cam Newton   –   (Panthers, 5)
129Tony Romo   –   (Cowboys, 6)
1311Eli Manning   –   (Giants, 11)
1414Tom Brady   –   (Patriots, 4)
1513Philip Rivers   –   (Chargers, 10)
1619Jay Cutler   –   (Bears, 7)
1715Colin Kaepernick   –   (49ers, 10)
1816Teddy Bridgewater   –   (Vikings, 5)
1918Joe Flacco   –   (Ravens, 9)
2020Carson Palmer   –   (Buccaneers, 6)
2121Andy Dalton   –   (Bengals, 7)
2222Jameis Winston   –   (Bucs, 6)
2323Robert Griffin III   –   (Redskins, 8)
2426Derek Carr   –   (Raiders, 6)
2525Marcus Mariota   –   (Titans, 4)
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