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Post-Draft NFL Super Bowl Futures

A Look at Post-Draft NFL Super Bowl Futures

The NFL Draft has come and gone. Fans and experts alike can easily see that some teams had a better draft than others, and as such, the Super Bowl odds have once again fluctuated to reflect the new trends.

Naturally, none of us can predict the future and nobody really knows how well some of these rookie players will perform in the big leagues, but statistics and ratings do help us to make some realistic estimations about the potential of each team after the draft. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the futures odds have changed for many of the league’s teams following the various trades and changes of the 2016 draft.

2016-2017 nfl super bowl odds

Before the draft, Tom Brady’s Deflategate shenanigans had let to the Patriots being removed as favorites, falling below the Seahawks in the pecking order. This was because of the announcement that the star quarterback was set to miss the first four weeks of competition in the new season.

Brady’s suspension still stands, but after the draft, the Patriots have swiftly regained the top spot with the sportsbooks. The signal caller will actually only end up missing games against Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo, so the Patriots got pretty lucky with the calendar and shouldn’t miss Brady too much. The Patriots are now rated at 7-1.

The current Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos, actually saw a bit of a dip in their rankings after the draft. Beforehand, they were priced at 10-1 but have gone to 16-1 after a bit of a difficult draft that didn’t really see the team sort out their problematic signal caller situation. Naturally, it’s almost impossible for any team to replace a player of Peyton Manning’s caliber, so experts and critics aren’t feeling too optimistic about young Paxton Lynch and 29 year old Mark Sanchez.

Frankly, we expected more aggression from Denver and feel a little underwhelmed with the team’s apparent lack of ambition to find a truly great QB, but there’s still plenty of time to address that problem in the months leading up to Week 1.

jalen ramsey effect on jags odds

Will the Jags and Browns Drafts Translate to Winds

One team that has really jumped up the ranks following the draft is the Jacksonville Jaguars. After being rated at 66-1 pre-draft, the Jacksonville squad is now being priced at 50-1. The team managed to get one of the best-rated defensive players in the nation in Jalen Ramsey, along with several other important reinforcements in various positions.

Ramsey has since suffered an MCL injury, but is expected to be ready before training camp. Nobody expected the Jaguars to spring too many surprises next season, but on paper, the squad seems to have improved and the team has made some smart decisions to enjoy a seemingly successful draft.

Now let’s move on to perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the post-draft odds: the Cleveland Browns. As incredible as it may seem, the Browns are actually the most improved team in terms of odds pre and post-draft. Before the big event, Cleveland was ranked at 150-1, but now that price has been slashed to 100-1. Of course, this means that the Browns are still major outsiders, but they did have an impressive draft, especially with the acquisition of talented youngsters Corey Coleman, Emmanuel Ogbah, Cody Kessler and Carl Nassib. The addition of Hue Jackson in the role of head coach means that it could actually be an exciting season for fans of one of the league’s lowest ranked teams.

packers post nfl draft future odds

Teams That Held Steady or Slipped After the Draft

As with every year, there were several teams whose odds didn’t really change at all following the draft. The Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are just a few examples, with twelve teams in total seeing no real shift in their odds.

Still, fans of these teams will be glad to see that their odds at least haven’t dropped. Fans of the Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys aren’t so lucky, with all of their teams being ranked slightly lower than before after their moves in the draft.

All of this means that the Patriots are once again the favorites, but the Seahawks are hot on the tail of the New England squad. The Seahawks did have an interesting draft, with Jarran Reed, Germain Ifedi, C.J. Prosise and Nick Vannett among the highlights. Seattle are now priced at 8-1 and will be hoping for a very successful season, like so many other teams.

All we have to do now is wait and see how many opportunities these new young players get, and what other trades and changes happen to occur between now and the first week of games. There’s still plenty of time until the season officially gets underway, and we’re sure that the NFL has plenty of shocks and surprises still lying in wait for us.

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