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Players Worth Gambling Early on in 2015

The Fantasy Football season will be getting started soon and players around the nation will be contemplating their squads and doing plenty of research to track down those potential sleeper picks and breakout players. These sorts of gambles can be the difference between success and failure, but identifying a great sleeper player can be an exceptionally difficult task. Today, let’s take a look at ten of the players you might want to gamble on in 2015.

Sammy Watkins, WR, Buffalo Bills

Watkins is an athletic player with the potential to create some explosive plays. Despite a rough rookie season with the Bills, he has all of the attributes necessary to be a star wide receiver. We saw glimpses of his greatness in 2014, particularly in a standout performance against the Jets where he enjoyed an 84-yard touchdown catch. His problem last year was inconsistency, but with more experience behind him, he should be in a better position heading into 2015.

Todd Gurley, RB, St. Louis Rams

Gurley had built quite a reputation before his unfortunate injury in 2014. He wound up being the No. 10 pick in the 2015 draft, but the things he did in college football cannot be ignored. His strength was unmatched and he earned 36 rushing touchdowns in three seasons with the University of Georgia. Gurley is certainly full of potential and could replicate his college form in the NFL, but he needs to stay injury-free. If he can, he could easily raise his profile this season and become a top quality RB.

kevin white fantasy impact

Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears

White is set to be the top choice for a Bears team that is looking to refresh itself. While at West Virginia, White recorded some impressive statistics. He’s a smart player who can certainly make the difference for the bears in 2015. He’ll need to stay fit, and the form of QB Jay Cutler will potentially make or break White’s season. However, as first choice WR, he should see plenty of gametime and will earn your team some steady points.

Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego Chargers

As the No. 1 pick from the Chargers, Gordon is evidently a highly-rated player heading into his rookie season. After breaking records in his college career, Gordon looks set to excite Chargers’ fans with his incredible speed and tenacity. Fantasy players will be wary about choosing a rookie running back in their squads, but Gordon has all the tools needed for a successful 2015.

Jordan Matthews, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Matthews is the top WR for the Eagles since Maclin left the team. He had a perfectly respectable rookie season last year and looks to be in good shape as he prepares to take up the role full-time. Last season, Matthews recorded some of the best stats of any rookie WR and he should be able to enjoy a successful partnership with QB Sam Bradford for a great season.

Chris Ivory, RB, New York Jets

Ivory has been one the Jets’ most reliable players for quite a while now. With 821 rushing yards and six touchdowns last year, he was once again one of the team’s star players. Players are wary to include Ivory in their squads because of the way the Jets play; they tend to allow various backs to carry, but Ivory is usually involved in the big plays so he should be a great choice for your team.

Jordan Reed, TE, Washington Redskins

Back in 2013, people were marking out Reed as a future tight end star. Unfortunately, since then he has struggled with injuries and some poor form from his teammates. However, we can still see moments of brilliance from Reed that show how much potential he has. He’s a dynamic player who can read the game well, but he is injury-prone and that’s the risk you’d be taking to include him in your squad. At the same time, if he gets some games then he should be putting up some big numbers for fantasy leagues.


Jay Ajayi, RB, Miami Dolphins

Ajayi, like others on this list, was once rated as a star of the future before injuries arrived to crash the party. When playing with the Boise State Broncos, Ajayi performed incredibly, putting up 2,358 yards in the 2014 season. The Dolphins have Lamar Miller, but he isn’t guaranteed to start every game and Ajayi could take over as the top RB on the Dolphins roster as long as he can stay clear of any injuries.

Bishop Sankey, RB, Tennessee Titans

The Titans are set to be an exciting team to watch this season. With the arrival of the new QB, Marcus Mariota, they should be a more offensive side and that could certainly help Sankey after a difficult rookie season. He showed what he could do last year and will hope to be a more consistently impressive RB in 2015.

Owen Daniels, TE, Denver Broncos

Daniels has been used by many players over the years but his arrival at the Broncos could be the beginning of a great 2015 for the veteran TE. With QB superstar Peyton Manning on the field, Daniels should enjoy a better season than usual and could provide a nice flow of points for the average fantasy side.

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