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Phil Ivey Entering Daily Fantasy Sports Industry

The DFS industry is growing bigger and bigger every single day, with new companies arriving on the scene on a regular basis. In order to stand out from the crowd and give themselves the best chances of success, these new companies need to offer their own unique selling points or marketing advantages.

Well, the latest addition to the DFS world can boast of being fronted by one of the most famous names in poker: Phil Ivey. The 40-year old star and winner of a remarkable haul of ten World Series of Poker bracelets has just announced that his new daily fantasy sports platform will be launching later this month.

The worlds of online poker and DFS have always been linked. The two industries are clearly in competition with each other, yet a mutual respect and understanding seems to exist between them. Ivey’s announcement only helps to reinforce that idea, with the poker icon teaming up with the iTEAM Network to kick off his latest venture.

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Introducing PhilIveyDFS

The DFS platform will be known under the name of PhilIveyDFS, with Ivey’s name and inclusion clearly being a big part of the marketing strategy. This announcement is definitely an interesting one and represents a strengthening of the union that exists between DFS games and poker.

Ivey has since gone on to reveal that he has plans to start up a DFS platform for quite some time now. The California-born star entered discussions with a variety of companies, with many hopeful DFS brands looking to use his profile to boost their exposure.

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Teaming With the Emerging iTEAM Network

Eventually, he settled on teaming up with the iTEAM Network, stating that the brand’s pre-existing technology and core values were more than enough to sway his decision. Ivey also reserved special praise for the CEO of iTEAM Network, Gabe Hunterton.

It will come as little surprise to many people that Hunterton’s charm and leadership qualities helped convince Ivey to sign up with his company. Hunterton has been around this sort of business for a very long time, kicking off his career by working as a dealer in Las Vegas, specifically at the tables of the El Cortez Casino. He then went on to seek employment with GM Resorts Galaxy Entertainment Group, working his way up the executive ladder and ultimately becoming the Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel and Casino.

Evidently, Hunterton knows what he’s doing when it comes to the gaming industry and his expertise, combined with Ivey’s knowledge and public persona, should help this platform to take off in a big way. The CEO commented that the signing of Ivey represented one part of the platform’s marketing plans.

He also revealed that these marketing techniques are designed to allow the platform to offer bigger prize pools in the near future. As Ivey is regarded as one of the finest poker players of all time and has a big fan following, it’s clear that his involvement in this project will be enough to attract plenty of people to the platform.

Hunterton is clearly aware of this fact and revealed his delight at working with Ivey in particular. He revealed that the iTEAM Network is constantly on the lookout for well-respected brands and personalities to forge deals with, stating that Ivey represents the epitome of what his company is looking for.

Hunterton added that fans will particularly appreciate Ivey’s involvement, as he is a model professional who has learned a lot of valuable lessons during his career so far. Hunterton hopes that fans and people who sign up with the new platform will be able to take inspiration from Ivey as they play.

phil ivey enters dfs

iTEAM Aligning With Ivey’s Vision

The CEO went on to commend Ivey and his representatives for the care and diligence they have shown. He said that the iTEAM Network puts a big emphasis on customer care and regulation, so was pleased to see that these values and principles were shared by Phil Ivey. A lot of unscrupulous companies do unfortunately exist in this industry, so it’s encouraging for DFS players and enthusiasts to learn that this new brand will focus on providing top quality user experiences at all times.

Hunterton also hopes that this new platform could be an important moment in terms of bridging the gap between both DFS and poker audiences. He acknowledged that there is already a big crossover between these sets of players, but that this announcement should help even more individuals to discover new experiences.

intorducing philiveydfsThe addition of Phil Ivey should help the company to gain enough funds to massively boost its prize pools and attract many more users. Those users will even be given the unique opportunity to interact with Ivey and learn from him, something that can only be found and enjoyed on this new platform.

The PhilIveyDFS service will be kicking off soon, with five-figure cash prizes already being advertised. It’s always good to see another respectable brand take its first steps into the DFS industry, and fans will surely be closely observing this particular platform to see how well it does. The introduction of Phil Ivey to the daily fantasy sports scene is particularly exciting news. Perhaps Ivey will be the first of many poker stars to test out their skills in this ever-growing industry.

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