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NFL Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap

NFL Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap

The second week of NFL action is over and it’s time to take a look back at the latest set of games to see what you might have missed. Fantasy fans need to keep up to date with all of the latest happenings all over the NFL. This sort of information is invaluable and can help you keep up with the competition and make the best possible rosters for upcoming contests and tournaments. Week 2 was filled with exciting moments and surprises, so let’s take a look back at them now.

Bengals @ Steelers (16-24)

The weather had a big impact on this game, with rain more or less storming down from the first minute to the last. The conditions made it hard for certain players to excel, with A.J. Green being a prime example. On the other hand, DeAngelo Williams put in a fantastic performance to end the game with a career high 32 carries and 94 rushing yards. The season has barely begun, but Williams is sitting atop the rushing yards leaderboards, and that’s a really impressive feat for a 33-year old player who isn’t even expected to be starting games later this season.

A lot of people are talking up Giovani Bernard, with the 24-year old putting up some decent stats so far, but it’s important to look at the big picture. Bernard does well when his team is playing from behind, but he’ll struggle to earn big fantasy points numbers in games where the Bengals lead. Other fantasy managers are considering adding Sammie Coates to their rosters, but we think it’s a little too early to make any judgement calls regarding the Steelers’ deep threat. Finally, a little bit of injury news from this game; Andy Dalton had an ankle problem and could struggle to start against the Broncos.

Titans @ Lions (16-15)

A closely-contested matchup that saw the Lions dominate for large periods of the game, only to lose out in the fourth quarter after some really sloppy play. The game itself was remarkable for how many potential scores got called back. Ebron scored a TD, only to have it called back. Moments later, Boldin thought he’d scored another but had it called back. This clash was also memorable for the ridiculous amount of injuries the Lions incurred. Ameer Abdullah, Ziggy Ansah and Kyle Van Noy were all forced to leave the field with physical problems.

Our star man from the game was Delanie Walker. The Titans TE put up some great stats and could represent value in a position that is always difficult for fantasy managers to fill. On the other end of the scale, Golden Tate had a game to forget. He got 2 measly carries for just 13 receiving yards and really needs to find a way of getting more involved in the games to come. The jury is still out on Marcus Mariota. He showed off glimpses of his talent in this game, with a particularly excellent 30-yard pass to Walker being a real highlight, but he also showed some flaws and needs to do more to really become one of the league’s finest signal callers.


Cowboys @ Redskins (27-23)

Once again, the Cowboys showed why they’re such a strong team. They dominated the first and fourth quarters of this game to ensure victory, with Ezekiel Elliott being a big presence throughout the clash. The RB finished the game with 83 rushing yards off 21 carries, as well as a touchdown, and should be on your list of players to add to future fantasy rosters.

We’re also excited by young Dak Prescott. He managed the game nicely with 292 passing yards and even a rushing TD. His stats aren’t incredible just yet and we don’t recommend you start using him in fantasy contests straight away, but every football fan should be keeping an eye on this young rookie as we think he has a pretty bright future ahead of him.

Our weakest player from this game was DeSean Jackson. He caught 3 passes for 40 yards but failed to show off his talent and will have some regrets about how the game played out. Sticking with the Redskins, we were all impressed with what the team managed to do last year, with Kirk Cousins being a star player for Washington. Unfortunately, if these early games are anything to go by, the Redskins aren’t going to repeat their former success, even if Cousins is still playing well.

There’s a lot of excitement about Josh Doctson after his fantastic 57-yard catch, but we think people are getting a little carried away. Doctson isn’t even one of the top players on the Redskins relatively week offence and, unless he gets a lot of gametime and really starts to explode, we don’t think he’s worth consideration for fantasy rosters right now.

Saints @ Giants (13-16)

Fantasy fans were left scratching their heads in frustration after this one. We’ve gotten used to seeing the Saints’ offense be so efficient, but they really struggled in this game. Mark Ingram, in particular, had a very rough time and will have let many owners down with his 30 rushing yards from 9 carries.

Unfortunately, this game was also marred by a nasty incident involving P.J. Williams, who was left with a concussion after a collision with a teammate. According to the latest reports, Williams will be okay, but it’s never enjoyable to see athletes suffering serious injuries when playing the sports they love.

Other players to pick up injuries here include Willie Snead and Zach Strief. The whole game really felt like it never reached its full potential, and the same can be said for many of the players involved. OBJ put up some decent stats but still dropped an easy pass, while Victor Cruz also did well but could have done more.

One player who will certainly have pleased his fantasy owners is Sterling Shepard, who ended the game with a whopping 117 receiving yards from just 8 catches.


49ers @ Panthers (27-46)

A very high-scoring game that saw Cam Newton absolutely dominate from start to finish. Newton bossed the 49ers around and ended the clash with 353 yards from 24 of 40 attempts. He passed for 4 touchdowns in total and continues to be the Panthers’ star man and one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

Incredibly, Vegas odds predicted this game to be a low-scoring matchup, so that just proves that we really can’t predict anything with any guarantees. If Newton was the star, Carlos Hyde was left in the shadows for this game. He did touch the ball 14 times but only got 34 rushing yards and seemed to be completely out of form, suffering a fumble quite early on.

Vance McDonald is a bit of a weird case for fantasy owners; sure, he’s got a touchdown in each game of the season so far, but he’s also only had 3 receptions in total and really needs to get involved more often. For the Panthers, Jonathan Stewart wasn’t 100% fit for this game and suffered a new injury as a result.

Fozzy Whittaker came in to take Stewart’s place, but we can’t fully recommend adding Whittaker to your rosters. He’s reliable enough, but a guy like Cameron Artis-Payne offers more potential and a higher ceiling.

Dolphins @ Patriots (24-31)

The Patriots remain undefeated after a slight fourth-quarter scare against the Dolphins. At one point, New England were winning 24-0, so the Dolphins deserve a lot of credit for finding their way back into the game. Kenyan Drake got a great TD and could actually be worth considering for fantasy rosters, especially after Arian Foster just picked up an injury. Ajayi might be the more recognizable name, but he had a fumble in this game and has had some issues in general of late.

As well as Foster, Spencer Paysinger and Jimmy Garoppolo were also forced to leave the game due to injuries. Garoppolo could be out for a while and rookie QB Jacoby Brissett should be able to get some time on the field. Brissett looks like a good player and could be a decent backup option. Fantasy owners of James White might want to think about switching things up after the RB had a really poor game here.

Chiefs @ Texans (12-19)

Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West were both involved in this game and neither player did badly, but Jamaal Charles is expected to return from injury soon and could prevent both West and Ware from earning too many fantasy points. If you do want to pick one of these RBs, we’d suggest going with Ware.

The star player of the match was undoubtedly DeAndre Hopkins, who managed to get 113 yards and a touchdown from just 7 receptions. Hopkins is an excellent player and will surely continue to have a big role to play in the Texans’ season. Similarly, Lamar Miller is another big player for Houston and will keep on putting up big numbers in the weeks to come.

This brings us to Will Fuller. People are talking up Fuller as a possible contender for rookie of the year, but it’s important to note that he’s playing in a team that is already packed with offensive talent. Brock Osweiler isn’t the best-rated QB around and Fuller may struggle to compete with Hopkins and Miller for fantasy production. In terms of injury news, Braxton Miller suffered a hamstring injury and may miss out on next week’s game.


Ravens @ Browns (25-20)

This was a bit of a crazy game. In the early stages, fans could be forgiven for thinking that the Ravens didn’t even look like they wanted to win. The Browns started in dominant fashion and were close to having a 21 point lead. But then, the extra point attempt got blocked and the Ravens picked up a 2-point conversion. At the time, it seemed like a minor incident, but it proved to be the turning point of the whole game.

From that point, the Browns failed to score another point and the Ravens finally started playing football. Dennis Pitta had a fantastic game and finished up with 102 yards for 9 carries, and we recommend adding Pitta to your rosters in seasonal contests as soon as possible.

We also recommend that you don’t read too far into the Browns’ dominant performance in the early stages of the game. Yes, they did well, but the Ravens weren’t offering a lot of competition. People are bigging up Isaiah Crowell after his tally of 133 rushing yards, but a big percentage of those yards came in one relatively easy run. The rest of his rushes gave him an average of less than 3 yards per carry.

Similarly, Browns’ signal caller Josh McCown started well but hurt his shoulder and completely lost momentum after that. If you do want to consider adding a Browns man to your roster, look at Corey Coleman. The WR got 2 TDs and 104 receiving yards from only 5 catches. He’s a young player with a lot of potential, but will he able to put up such good numbers if McCown’s injury turns out to be serious?

Seahawks @ Rams (3-9)

Could this actually have been one of the dullest games in the history of the NFL? We think so. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this clash and fantasy fans will have been left bitterly disappointed with the final result. Our star man for the game is Greg Zuerlein, the placekicker, and we think that tells you pretty much all you need to know.

Nobody excelled in this game and both teams really struggled to make anything happen. Russell Wilson’s injury really limited his output, while Thomas Rawls suffered a leg injury mid-game. We can’t recommend adding any of the players involved in this game into your fantasy lineup, and we can only hope that both teams start playing much better in Week 3.

Buccaneers @ Cardinals (7-40)

The Cardinals earned a great win here, but the performances of the two teams’ quarterbacks is the key point for analysis. On the one hand, we had a brilliant game from Carson Palmer. Palmer threw for 308 yards and 3 scores, landing 18 of his 31 attempts. It was a great performance with a lot of encouraging signs. Meanwhile, Jameis Winston went from hero to zero. After a Week 1 game that saw him throw for 4 touchdowns, Winston put in a miserable performance including 4 interceptions. He only managed to throw for a single TD and missed 25 of his 52 attempts.

Honestly, it’s really hard to judge a player after such inconsistent performances. We think that, on balance, Winston probably isn’t as bad as he looked in this game. At the same time, he probably isn’t as good as he looked in Week 1 either. He needs to find a bit of consistency to earn a spot in your fantasy roster.

The Buccaneers suffered quite a few injuries in this game including Robert Ayers, Luke Stocker, Doug Martin and Cecil Shorts. For the Cardinals, the two Johnsons had good games, with David catching 3 passes for 98 yards and Chris rushing for 54 yards and a TD.

We know that some people are still putting John Brown in their fantasy rosters, but it’s probably time to stop. Brown isn’t going to be putting up big numbers anytime soon and can’t compete with the bigger names in the squad.


Jaguars @ Chargers (14-38)

Many experts predicted that the Jaguars would be able to earn a victory in this game, but things really didn’t go to plan. The Chargers absolutely dominated the play in almost every way, preventing the Jaguars from even scoring a single point until the final quarter.

The Jaguars have good players, but the coaching in Jacksonville isn’t quite at the same level and fans are rightfully growing frustrated. For fantasy players, Allen Robinson had a really rough game. He was expected to do well but barely touched the ball and only got 54 receiving yards. At the other end of the spectrum, the Chargers QB Philip Rivers had a phenomenal game with 4 TDs, 17 successful passes from 24 attempts and 220 passing yards in total.

Travis Benjamin was another player to have a great game and his popularity in fantasy leagues will surely be on the rise. However, we also think a bit of your attention should go to Tyrell Williams. Benjamin can have explosive games but Williams seems to have him beat for consistency.

The 24-year old has a whole lot of potential and can play a big part for his team this season. Moving onto injuries, the Chargers lost Danny Woodhead and Jaheel Addae, while the Jaguars will have to cope without Kelvin Beachum.

Falcons @ Raiders (35-28)

Here’s a game that started slowly and burst into life as it went on. Both teams had their moments of glory but the Falcons’ solid defense managed to win out in the end. Devonta Freeman controlled the game well and is still a must-have for many fantasy owners. Naturally, Matt Ryan also continues to be an excellent QB to have on your side and he proved that here with a 3 TD, 396 yard performance.

The Falcons’ tight ends did well in this game, encouraging some people to think about adding Jacob Tamme or Austin Hooper to their rosters. We don’t really recommend this though. Their stats were good, but probably a bit of a fluke. We don’t expect either player to put up those sorts of numbers on a regular basis, so you’d be bother off sticking with more reliable TEs.

Amari Cooper had a good game and could’ve done even better had he stayed in bounds for his fantastic 51-yard TD catch. Still, he finished up with 5-71 and continues to be a bright beacon for Raiders’ fans. Jalen Richard also did a nice run that ended up getting called back, but he and Cooper both showed that there’s a lot of depth in Oakland right now. Meanwhile, if you own Mohamed Sanu, you might want to think about switching him out for someone more productive as he had a really bad game here.


Colts @ Broncos (20-34)

The TE situation is a little weird with the Colts right now. They gave Dwayne Allen a huge contract and now the guy isn’t even starting a Week 2 game. Instead, Jack Doyle started the game. Doyle is fine but, at least on paper, he isn’t at the same level as Allen. We can only assume that Allen is struggling with a little injury and that he should regain his starting spot soon.

However, if he continues to lose time then you might want to think about investing in someone different. Speaking of injuries, the Colts lost a lot of players in this game including Antonio Cromartie, Rashaan Melvin and Donte Moncrief. Guys like T.J. Green, Patrick Robinson and Vontae Davis also missed the game due to physical issues.

Meanwhile, the Broncos continue to look reasonably impressive, without being quite the same force as they were last season.
C.J. Anderson is one of the league’s rising stars and he proved his fantasy worth here with 20 carries for 74 yards and a touchdown. However, not everyone on the Denver roster had a game to remember.

Emmanuel Sanders, for example, struggled greatly here and won’t last long in our fantasy teams if he keeps on underperforming. The Broncos suffered a few injures of their own here including DeMarcus Ware, Donald Stephenson and Virgil Green.

Packers @ Vikings (14-17)

Incredibly enough, this is the first time in nearly a century that the Packers have started a season with two games on the road. Clearly, it’s not working out too well for them as they were fairly beat by a strong Vikings team here. Aaron Rodgers was definitely the weak link. We can’t start throwing around any quick judgements regarding one of the nation’s best quarterbacks, but Rodgers just doesn’t look himself right now and threw some really poor passes.

For the Vikings, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that Adrian Peterson picked up a knee injury and we don’t quite know how serious it is. The latest reports are stating that Peterson has torn a ligament and might not miss out on much gametime, but if he does need some time on the sidelines then we expect Jerick McKinnon to step up and get a chance to shine.

The good news is that Stefon Diggs is playing really well right now. He caught 9 passes for a huge 182 yards, plus a TD against the Packers. Pairing Diggs and Sam Bradford in your fantasy roster is not a bad idea at all.

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