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New Orleans Saints 2015 Fantasy Outlook

Sean_Payton-saints-outlookAfter a relatively disappointing season, the New Orleans Saints are set for a fresh approach in 2015. Drew Bees, Mark Ingram and Brandin Cooks will all be hoping to lead the Saints to glory this season, but the team is looking to play a better defensive game in 2015 with much better levels of ball control. What does this mean for the team’s fantasy outlook? Well, let’s take a quick look through the squad, highlighting the various players who might have a role to play in your fantasy team this season.

Josh Morgan, WR
We’ll be starting with the players that have arguably the least value from a fantasy perspective and working our way up to the big guns. There’s a lot of competition for that third WR position in the Saints’ roster and Morgan certainly has plenty of experience but shouldn’t really be considered a big contender.

Seantavius Jones, WR
Jones might see a reasonable amount of the field this season, having played a pretty significant role in preseason OTAs.

Brandon Coleman, WR
Jones will have Coleman to compete with this season. Both players have reportedly been doing some exciting things in training and time will tell how the season plays out for them. Coleman has certainly got potential.

Joe Morgan, WR
Morgan is widely regarded as a real contender for the WR3 spot. Having struggled with injuries in recent times, he hasn’t played as much as he would have liked, but that could change in 2015. If selected, he should be used as a late reserve pick for fantasy leagues.

Nick Toon, WR
Now we’re moving on to the bigger names in the Saints squad. Toon should be classed as the favorite for the open WR3 position on the roster. He’s tall, strong and should be able to replace the departed Kenny Stills quite successfully. That said, because of the way the Saints are set to play this season, Toon still shouldn’t be regarded as a must-have WR. For dynasty games, he’s clearly a great pick but for redraft leagues he should only be a late reserve.


Khiry Robinson, RB
Robinson will probably have been disappointed with how things turned out for him over the offseason. Originally set to be the top choice RB alongside Pierre Thomas, his value dropped somewhat when the Saints managed to resign Mark Ingram. Ingram is the undisputed first choice, but he is injury prone, missing fourteen games across four seasons. If another injury does arrive, Robinson will be on hand to take his chance and will be a valuable pick for dynasty games. He should also prove to be a good reserve in redraft leagues.

Josh Hill, TE
After the Saints lost Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, Hill was thrown into action and has proved to be a very exciting tight end. With five touchdowns on fourteen catches last season, Hill looks set to improve in 2015 and could be a valuable member of this Saints squad, even with Ben Watson on the roster.

Marques Colston, WR
The veteran might not be as explosive as he once was, but Colston is still a vital member of the New Orleans Saints. His consistency has made him a great fantasy pick for several years and he should continue that form into 2015. It’s true that 2014 wasn’t a great season for Colston, leading to his value dropping in the eyes of many fantasy players, but he should still be classed as a top quality reserve pick and offers great value.

C.J. Spiller, RB
If they want to improve their passing game, the Saints will be looking to players like Spiller to make the difference. The Saints suffered in 2014 after losing Darren Sproles and Spiller certainly has the ability to fill that spot. He’s a player with a good level of awareness and coaches have been praising his performance in OTAs so far. The Saints were truly in need of a player like Spiller and should be a great choice as an RB2 in your team. Again, injuries to Mark Ingram could see Spiller earning even more fantasy points.

Brandin Cooks, WR
Cooks’ rookie season was short but sweet. Before suffering a problematic thumb injury that cut his campaign short, he was the rookie leader in terms of receptions (53). Cooks’ speed and agility are certainly exciting assets for the Saints and the No. 1 WR should enjoy a breakout season in 2015. He has a lot of potential to give your team a steady stream of points and could easily have over eighty receptions by the end of the year.

Mark Ingram, RB
A great player with an unfortunate history of injuries, Ingram has once again been missing from recent OTAs due to a small ankle issue. Naturally, the Saints are protecting their star RB and the injury doesn’t seem particularly serious for the moment, but Ingram might miss a couple of games this year. That said, he’s still a leading NFL running back and has earned a great number of points for fantasy players over the last few seasons.

Drew Brees, QB
drew-brees-saints-fantasy-outlookThere was a lot of talk about Brees’ future with the Saints over the offseason. The changes to the team’s playing philosophy, along with the loss of certain players like Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, only helped to propagate the idea that Brees’ might be set for a reduced role with the Saints going forward. Nevertheless, General Manager Mickey Loomis has since made it clear that Brees remains a vital part of the Saints squad. He is still a top quality quarterback who should be able to approach the thirty-touchdown mark in 2015. However, fantasy players may want to side with a younger option like Russell Wilson as the veteran may see his playing time reduced as the season progresses.

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