Points Per Reception (PPR)
A style of fantasy scoring where players receive points (usually 1 or .5) for each reception they make in addition to the usual scoring categories.
Red Zone
The area between the defense’s twenty yard line and the goal line. It is the area of the field where the offense is most likely to score.
Refers to a fantasy league format where owners cannot keep any of their players. All players become free agents at the end of the season. Each year the draft begins with all players available.
Refers to a fantasy league where there is no snake draft. Rather, members of the league bid on available players one at a time. This draft method allows any member the ability to draft any player.
Refers to daily fantasy sports website FanDuel.
Refers to daily fantasy sports website DraftKings.
Abbreviation for daily fantasy sports.
Abbreviation for running back by committee.
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