Fantasy Aces Promo Code

Fantasy Aces Promo Code


Take advantage of the best promotional offer we have ever made available with our Fantasy Aces promo code. Sign up by the start of the 2016 fantasy football season and receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to $500. This is the top promo offer in all of fantasy sports.

How to Use Your Fantasy Aces Promo Code

Using your Fantasy Aces promo codes isn’t a very complex procedure, but there are always a few unwritten rules to be aware of when making use of any coupon code or promotional offer. First of all, be sure to read the small print.

Promo codes can expire and may only be used in certain conditions, so it’s always wise to make sure you know the full set of conditions before confirming any orders or handing over any of your own cash. It’s also highly recommended to test out multiple codes to see which one offers the greatest benefits.


On the surface, one code might seem to be better than another, but things could turn out differently in practice, so be sure to enter various codes and find the best deal before confirming the process.

To use your code, you will simply need to sign up for your own Fantasy Aces account. The signup procedure is very straightforward and shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes. You’ll be asked for some basic information like your name, state of residence, date of birth and email address.

fantasy-aces-logoOnce all of the information has been correctly filled-in, you can click on the yellow “Join” box near the bottom of the page to confirm the creation of your account. After this, you’ll receive a confirmation email and should be able to log-in to your new account on the company’s official site.

Next up, you’ll want to deposit some funds into your account and this is where the promo codes come into play. On the deposit screen, you’ll have to fill in your payment information, along with the amount of cash you wish to deposit. You’ll also see a box here asking you to enter a promo code if you have one. In this box, you simply need to copy and paste the relevant code and, as long as the code is valid, you should see your bonuses or benefits applied immediately.

Most promo codes related to Fantasy Aces involve bonus cash, but it’s important to be aware that this cash won’t immediately appear in your account. This is done to prevent scammers from claiming free money. Instead, the bonus cash will be released gradually into your account as you enter and play more DFS contests.

fantasy aces win promotion

Three Reasons to Play on Fantasy Aces This NFL Season

You may already be playing on FanDuel and DraftKings, which are both great websites, so why would you want to play anywhere else? There are several reasons to make Fantasy Aces part of your daily fantasy routine, but these three should be enough. You will notice a common theme amongst all three points: Fantasy Aces takes less from and gives more to their players than any other DFS website.

  1. Fantasy Aces offers industry low rakes. The industry standard for GPP rakes is around 15%, but in recent months has climbed well above 17% at times. At Fantasy Ace, most GPP rakes are just 10-12%. That extra 5% goes directly back into the pot, meaning more positions get paid out and less people lose money playing on Aces.
  2. The monthly wins bonus. One of our favorite features amongst all DFS websites, FantasyAces pays you to win. If you win 50-199 contests per month, they will give you an extra $.10 per win. If you win 200-399 contests, that number jumps to $.20 per win. Players that win over 400 contests will receive a $.40 bonus per contest. Let’s say you win $20 worth of contests ranging in $.25-$2 per entry per week, that would be around 100 wins per month, meaning you would receive an extra $10 to play with. Just for playing and winning.
  3. Their promo code and deposit bonus policy. It’s no secret that the deposit bonus policy at daily fantasy sports websites is a pain. You have to earn your deposit bonus back at a 4% clip. With Fantasy Aces, you receive that money immediately and simply have to turn over your account 4x to withdraw whatever you win with your promo code money. They are the only DFS website we know of with this policy.
  4. Fantasy Aces Company Background and Services Overview

    Fantasy Aces is an increasingly popular daily fantasy sports website based out of the state of California. The company launched way back in 2013 and has built up a large and loyal following of fans in the years since then. Currently, Fantasy Aces allows users to take part in a wide array of fantasy contests based on the following sports: NFL, college football, NFL, PGA Tour golf, NBA and MLB.

    Since its inception, this company has shown a strong willingness to provide the best possible experiences for its users. To that end, the Fantasy Aces website is fully responsive and will adapt to work on any device imaginable. If you want to take part in contests via your smartphone or tablet, you can do so without any worries or problems whatsoever with Fantasy Aces.

    The responsive site is a real advantage for this brand, helping it to appeal to the widest possible audience. In addition, Fantasy Aces is known for offering top quality customer service and prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. The company’s support services are very well managed, responding to any customer queries or issues in a prompt and friendly fashion.

    Not only that, but this company also goes one step further to help its users have the most enjoyable experience when competing in DFS contests, by offering its excellent “Scout” service. Fantasy Aces’ Scout gives users all of the information and statistics they could possibly ask for about individual players and teams. It’s an incredible research tool that lets you save time and perfect your roster-building techniques and strategies.


    The rake over on Fantasy Aces can vary between 6.5-10%, which is quite impressive compared to rival companies. The average rake in the DFS industry is around 10%, but large GPP’s on competitor sites FanDuel and DraftKings can reach over so some contests on Fantasy Aces will allow you to take home a bigger percentage of the winnings than you might normally expect. In addition, this brand runs a “Monthly Wins Bonus” program for loyal customers who play often.

    Additional FantasyAces Promotions and Bonuses

    If you win 20+ games in a single month, the company will start to offer you a little extra cash per victory. There are different levels of bonus, with the highest level being afforded to the most successful players. If you’re able to enter and win hundreds of contests on a monthly basis, you can significantly boost your winnings with this bonus.

    One other highlight of Fantasy Aces that we’d like to mention today is the brand’s Salary Pro games. As well as offering standard DFS contests where you have a traditional salary cap for building your roster, this company entices many users into testing out the Salary Pro variety of contest. In these games, you’ll be given a flexible salary cap, with rewards given if you can manage to save some of that cash.

    Essentially, you’re allowed to go above the salary cap, but will receive a -0.2 points penalty for every extra $50 you spend. At the same time, you’ll be granted a 0.1 points bonus for every $50 you manage to save. There’s a very interesting risk/reward system that develops within these Salary Pro games, and they have proven very popular with Fantasy Aces members. If you want to see something different and play in a whole new way, you should certainly give this brand a try.


    Where Do We Find Our Fantasy Aces Promo Codes

    Our team works directly with the Fantasy Aces team to ensure that our promo code is always attached to their best promotional offer. In addition to working with Aces, we are constantly testing other promo codes to ensure that our visitors always receive the largest possible deposit bonus.

    The current promo code offer from Fantasy Aces is a deposit match of up to $500. This is not only the top offer from Aces, but is one of the two or three best deposit bonus offers in all of daily fantasy sports. You have no reason to wait, try out a new site with new player pricing, games, and scoring today.