Fanduel NFL Tournament Contests Review

fanduel tournament reviewsFanduel NFL Tournaments are some of the most played contests in DFS. However, when it comes to NFL DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), tournaments, the label/term isn’t what most people would expect out of the contest. When most people think of sports and frankly any tournament based contest, they think of ‘brackets’, much like the infamous NCAA March Madness Tournament Bracket. However, it’s worth pointing out, especially for newbies to NFL DFS, that Fanduel Tournament Contests are not some sort of bracket challenge and simply don’t resemble the typical ‘tournament’ that people associate with sports. Rather, the Fanduel DFS NFL Tournaments category provides a wide range of games for users to enter with varying rules & payout structures. Fanduel NFL Tournaments are similar to most other contests offered by the company, but do in-fact offer what we find to be more attractive rules & payout structures.

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Common Fanduel NFL Tournament Contests:
Below are the most common types of Fanduel NFL Contests, although there are certainly a number of more ‘random’ names, each with varying rules and payout structures. The most important factors to consider (slight more in-depth below) when deciding which Fanduel NFL Tournament to enter, are ‘single or multi-enty’ & ‘payout structure’. Additionally, the actual entry fees themselves are usually between $1 and $100 (but they can easily be filtered by entry fee).

  • Fanduel NFL Rush
  • Fanduel NFL Kickoff
  • Fanduel NFL Snap
  • Fanduel NFL Blitz
  • Fanduel NFL Rush
  • Fanduel NFL Touchdown
  • Fanduel NFL Safety
  • Fanduel NFL Squib
  • Fanduel NFL Scramble
  • Fanduel NFL Spike

Deeper Understanding of Fanduel NFL Tournaments

When choosing which Fanduel NFL Tournament to enter, it’s worth while to really hunt down the exact type of tournament that best suites you’re needs. It’s worth pointing out because it’s almost too easy to get into a contest with rules that don’ necessarily match you’re level or style yet and you wind up, ‘in over you’re head’. The key factors to consider when entering a Fanduel NFL Contest are as followed:

  • Single Entry or Multi Entry – If you’re new to NFL DFS, one of the first phrases that you’re going to familiarize yourself with is, ‘single entry or multi-entry’. It’s very simple, some DFS games are made where players are allowed to only enter one entry and other games are made where players are allowed to enter multiple entries. While some DFS players love multi-entry contests, others loath them. We’re somewhere in the middle but basically prefer single entry contests from a shear principle position. Frankly, there are some players who go nuts with multi-entry contests and literally max out their entries, essentially maximizing their potential winnings. Which is perfectly fine and within the rules, it’s just a bit sloppy for us. Single entry in our opinion provides a more simple and focused contest albeit smaller prizes/payouts.
  • Payout Structure – When it comes to choosing the right Fanduel NFL Tournament Contest to enter, one of the most important aspects to consider is, ‘payout structure’ or essentially where you need to place in order to at least win you’re entry fee back. Payout structures vary from contest to contest and should be strongly considered along side the ‘max number of participants’ to help give you a clear picture of how well you’ll need to do in order to be considered a winner in any particular contest. Just bare in mind of course that some contests are setup to payout a large amount to a few higher scoring participants and others are setup to payout little to very little to a huge number of participants.

Fanduel NFL Tournament Contests Review Summary

Choosing the right contest(s) to play is equally as important as choosing your actual lineups. The simple fact is, you could potentially choose the absolute highest scoring lineup in any given week and not necessarily be rewarded for your efforts. For example, what good does a phenomenal Fanduel lineup that is among the highest scoring of the week do if it’s only entered in a contest where the top payout is tiny? On the other side of the coin, if you’re putting all your eggs in one basket/contest that has the potential for a huge payout but extremely low probability of actually winning, you’re doing yourself a DFS injustice of the highest order. As we discuss numerously throughout our Fanduel NFL Strategy articles, it is of the utmost importance that you learn how to diversify lineups as well as contests. For more information on the best ways to diversify your contests, check out our Fanduel NFL Divide & Conquer Strategy. Additionally, our Winning DFS Fantasy Football Strategy Overview is a great source for beginners to gain perspective on how exactly to approach Fanduel NFL Contests & Lineups.

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