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Early 2015 Fantasy Football Bust Candidates

When choosing a fantasy football squad, every player needs to be wary of picking a bust or two. A bust is essentially the sort of player who really lets you down after you pinned a lot of hope on him. Perhaps you researched this player over a long period of time and predicted his success across various games before he disappointed you entirely, performing well below your lofty expectations. This could be for a variety of reasons; maybe the player has injury problems or just doesn’t perform in the big games.

You won’t find a fantasy player out there who hasn’t encountered a bust at some point or another, and they can really ruin your season. So today, let’s take a look at some of the potential busts you should avoid when selecting your squad.

Cam Newton

cam-newton-bustThe Carolina Panthers quarterback has clearly got some talent but struggled to perform last season, racking up a poor total of just eighteen touchdowns. Some fantasy players might be duped into thinking Newton will outperform his rivals, he’s even ranked as one of the most commonly picked quarterbacks for this fantasy season, but you need to pay attention to the statistics. Along with a pretty low number of touchdowns last season, his rushing totals continue to drop as well. This is clearly because the team’s strategy is to keep Newton injury-free, but it won’t help him be a consistent performer for fantasy players.

Sammy Watkins

sammy-watkins-bustThe wide receiver at the Buffalo Bills is a popular back thanks to the squad’s addition of superstar running back LeSean McCoy, but the Bills have a real problem in their squad: the absence of a top quality quarterback who will allow Watkins to do what he does best. The team has the choice between Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel, but neither of these players will be finding Watkins enough to justify his inclusion in your fantasy squad. There are plenty of other wide receivers out there worthy of your attention like Amari Cooper or Golden Tate.

Colin Kaepernick

colin-kaepernick-bustThe 49ers lost some key players during the offseason, notably Frank Gore and Anthony Davis. The quarterback, Kaepernick, had established a good in-game relationship with both of these players. Their replacements, Carlos Hyde and the exciting Torrey Smith, may prove to work well with Kaepernick, but right now we just can’t be sure, so picking this quarterback for your fantasy team may turn out to be a big risk. Players often take some time to get to know each other and build connections, and we can’t expect Kaepernick, Hyde and Smith to all be on the same page straight away. Kaepernick had a great season last year, but there’ll be extra pressure on him this season and all of these factors mean that he could be a disappointment to fantasy managers.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant BustIt’s clear that Bryant was a star player last season, putting up some of the best stats of any wide receiver in the NFL. Tony Romo is a consistent quarterback and the Cowboys should do well again this season, but there’s a lot of drama going outside of the game that fantasy players need to be aware of. Bryant has been having some trouble with his contract demands and these problems may lead to rifts between the player and the team that could manifest on the field.

Ryan Matthews

ryan-matthews-bustThe second-lead at running back for the Philadelphia Eagles is undoubtedly a player with potential, but you just can’t overlook his history of injures. Matthews only turned out in six games last season and injuries could continue to plague his career going into the new season. This sort of risk is simply too big to take for most fantasy players. Even when Matthews is fit, DeMarco Murray can offer plenty of competition for his place in the team.

Marshawn Lynch

marshawn-lynch-bustPlayers who sign big contracts can often turn out to be busts. After putting pen to paper on a new deal, the Seattle Seahawks running back might play a more careful game this season to keep clear on injury issues. This will lead to him contributing less fantasy points for your team and the addition of Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks could see Lynch’s role in the team’s big plays reduced.

Melvin Gordon

melvin-gordon-bustThe San Diego Chargers running back is only in his rookie year. He clearly has talent and could become a star in the NFL, but he’s not quite there yet. In the fantasy leagues, he is quite a common pick, but this is because people are letting themselves get a bit too carried away by his exploits of last season. He’s a young player who needs time to grow and there are better RB choices for your fantasy squad.

Travis Kelce

travis-kelce-bustThe tight end known to his fans as “Zeus” is undoubtedly a star player for the Kansas City Chiefs, and with Jamaal Charles and Jeremy Maclin looking set for good seasons, Kelce is being rated as a top pick by many fantasy players. However, there are simply better value choices available in his position like Antonio Gates and Dwayne Allen, so be sure to take a look through the tight end list before jumping on the Kelce bandwagon.

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