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Top DraftKings Promo Code for 2018
With more contests, more features, and more players, DraftKings is the biggest name in Daily Fantasy Sports. For a limited time our visitors can get a free $3 entry and bonus just for registering through the link below.
Promo CodeSimply follow our link to lock in promo offer.
PromotionFree entry into the $3 tournament of your choice.
TermsMust be a new DraftKings user and make an initial deposit of at least $10.
More DetailsClick here for a complete rundown on how DraftKings promo codes work.


Get the Max out of Our DraftKings Promo Code

Daily fantasy sports has the ability to change the way you play fantasy sports and watch those sports altogether. You can have a ton of fun and make money doing it, but you have to make it through the first few weeks. As you build a strategy, get used to scoring and which games you should be playing, you need your bankroll to make it through the entire process.

Our DraftKings promo code is a big part of that process… Find out why promo codes are important to succeeding in daily fantasy sports and how we are able to guarantee that our promo code is attached to the largest possible bonus by browsing through this page’s sections below.

How Do DraftKings Promo Codes Work?

By now you are probably getting the hint that while playing on DraftKings is a blast, consistently winning money playing daily fantasy sports is not easy. That is what makes getting the most out of your promo code so important. The bonus cash you receive from our DraftKings promo code helps you build up your account, and the freerolls allow you to develop a strategy without having to risk your bankroll.

DraftKings offers more free rolls than any other website out there, it’s a major part of their marketing play. You can take advantage of them every week and compete in free tournaments that pay out thousands of dollars. That being said, the largest free entry you will get is actually tied to our promo code.

draftkings summer promotional offersBy using our promo code when you register, you will receive a free entry into a $3 tournament that pays out $100,000 to first place! We recommend making this your GPP for your first week on DraftKings, and focusing the rest of your efforts on free and $2 or less 50/50’s, double ups, and head-to-head contests.

All you have to do to receive our four promo code ‘audible’ when you register and the free roll ticket will be in your account as soon as you log in. Simply click My Tickets in the menu under your account, then click Redeem next to the free entry. Select your team and track it’s progress during this weekends games to see just how much you win in your first week on DraftKings.

Your deposit bonus is pending and is gradually released into your account as you play. This makes it especially important to stick to contests that have better odds like head-to-head’s and 50/50’s for your first few weeks on DraftKings. These tournaments will allow you to improve your DFS game, build a bankroll, and ensure that you receive your entire deposit bonus without having to compete in tournaments with a riskier payout ratio.


Where do you find your DraftKings promo codes?

We have made the decision to always offer our visitors the largest possible deposit bonus, regardless of where it comes from. This is the only true way to guarantee that you are getting the best possible bonus offer, and not just our best offer.

This is drastically different from other websites in our industry that simply promote their own DraftKings promo code. We are marketing the best offer possible 100% of the time so that you always receive the biggest and best promotional offer from DraftKings.

Currently all of our daily fantasy promo codes comes from The Daily Audible, and we use the best DraftKings promo code from their directory. The Daily Audible has a team committed to making sure that both that both of our websites have the best possible offer from every major DFS website.

If you happen to find an offer better that the one we are currently featuring, just contact us and let our team know. We will verify the offer and get it added to this page immediately. We do work directly with the DraftKings marketing team and do our own research to ensure that we always have the top code available for our subscribers.


How Does DraftKings Work?

So you are considering playing daily fantasy sports on DraftKings? Well you are in the right spot, we have referred more new players to daily fantasy sports than anyone, and exist to not only help you get started on DraftKings but to win from day 1.

1. Register and Make an Initial Deposit

With the new DraftKings promo code system, you no longer need to copy and paste a promo code to get their best deposit bonus offer. For simply making your initial deposit, DraftKings will credit your account with a ticket for a free contest entry. For using our promo code this May you will receive free entry into a $3 MLB tournament that pays out over $25,000!

DraftKings does still give you the option to enter a promo code on their homepage. While we have been told that all promo codes have been removed, it appears at the moment that you can still enter a DraftKings promo code when you register. Our top offer is currently a free entry, and you will receive this by simply following our link and completing your registration.

2. Build Your Roster and Join Contests

DraftKings.com Kickoff Bash TicketsOnce you have registered and added funds to your account using our promo code, you are ready to get started on DraftKings. The DraftKings lobby is very user friendly, allowing you to quickly sort through their different sports and types of games. Depending on your experience and the size of your initial deposit, you may want to spend your first week on DraftKings playing some smaller stake contests, we specifically recommend new players try to stick to 50/50’s for the first week or so.

Once you’ve built up your confidence with the site and working through the game options you will be ready to conquer the world. Well at least your daily, weekly or seasonal opponents. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to jump into an event and compete to win.

After finding the contest you want to enter, you will then have to build your team. For NFL contests on FanDuel, rosters are comprised of 9 positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, Flex, DST. You have a $50,000 salary to construct your roster from. That is $5,555 per player and the average star player is going to cost you around $9,000, so there is definitely some skill involved with managing your money and finding value players.

3. Track Your Scores on Game Day

Ok, you have created your DraftKings account, deposited your initial funds, drafted your teams and joined some contests. Now the real fun begins as you track your players and teams on game day. DraftKings has an industry leading app for both iPhone and Android devices, as well as an app for most tablets, and a responsive website that allows you to track your scores from anywhere on any device. Stay connected get the app.

You can track not only your players, but your opponent’s players as their games start and their players lock. The DraftKings website will show you exactly how many quarters your players have left, and how many each opponent has left, so you always have a good idea of where each team is going to finish.

4. Rack Up or Withdraw Your Winnings

Any money you win on DraftKings is yours to do what you want with. You can keep it in your DraftKings account and build it up, or you can withdraw winnings through PayPal or a check. Payments process fast and funds are available immediately. We are often asked if DraftKings and other DFS websites are legit, and actually pay out, yes… DraftKings pays out millions of dollars to winners every day.It’s also worth noting that both websites have current valuations of more than $1 billion.

DraftKings refer a friend promotions

Why You Should Choose to Play on DraftKings

By now we all know the major players in this industry, it’s really all about FanDuel and DraftKings. Sure there are a ton of smaller daily fantasy websites offering great (possibly even better) products. However there are several reasons you need to be playing on DraftKings:

    1. DraftKings has more players which means top tournaments are bigger with bigger prizes. Winning $20 to $50 here or there is a blast, but nothing can compare to potentially winning life-changing amounts of money. Watching games with millions of dollars on a line will completely change your perspective on fantasy sports.
    2. DraftKings employs a more aggressive marketing campaign than any other daily fantasy website, which means more new players. New players are generally easier to beat than seasoned veterans and ‘professional’ players that flood the smaller websites.You want to play on a website that gives you the best opportunity to win consistently, and DraftKings certainly does that as well as anyone in the industry.

mma promotion on draftkings

  1. The game and sport variety on DraftKings is far better than any major competitor. Did you know that on DraftKings you can compete in fantasy golf, football, basketball, college football and basketball, MMA, hockey, soccer, and even eSports? If there is a sport you love, there is a DraftKings game to make it even better.

    In addition to a wide variety of sports, DraftKings offers a wide variety of rosters and games within each sport. From flex and utility positions, to unique contests like their Quarter Arcade where you can play for prizes over $10,000 for just a $.25 entry, DraftKings keeps things fresh and unique.

  2. One of the most overlooked features of a daily fantasy website is the design quality and quality of apps for tablets and smartphones. You may build your rosters on a laptop or desktop computer, but you are going to track your in-game scores and winnings on a tablet or phone. If your DFS website doesn’t work flawlessly on any device then your not going to enjoy playing daily fantasy nearly as much.

    The DraftKings website looks and operates great on every device, and they are constantly improving. Not only does DraftKings offer a mobile website and mobile app for Apple and Android, but they are constantly improving both apps to stay ahead of the competition. You are going to love following not only your fantasy teams, but sports in general through the DraftKings app.

  3. Let’s face it, if you are new to DraftKings or are shopping DFS websites, then their new depositor promotion is perhaps the most important factor in deciding where to play. Our DraftKings promo code will double your initial deposit of up to $600, the biggest promotion in daily fantasy sports. An unbeatable product with an unbeatable deal, you can’t go wrong playing on DraftKings.

Answers to Frequently Asked DraftKings Questions

Is DraftKings legal and legit?
DraftKings is a billion-dollar company that treats their players well, processes payments quickly, and works hard to keep their product competitive and fair. The legal landscape for daily fantasy sports is improving every day. Legislation has already passed in most states, keeping the industry regulated and giving the states their cut of the revenue.

It has never and will never be illegal to play daily fantasy sports. If contests aren’t allowed in your state, DraftKings and FanDuel will ensure that you can’t enter paid contests. Click here for more information on the current legal environment surrounding DFS.

Is it easy to win on DraftKings?
Every one that competes in daily fantasy sports thinks that they are an expert. The games are extremely challenging, but also very winnable. If you are new to DFS, we recommend starting off with some $1, $2 and $5 50/50’s until you feel like you have a good feel for scoring and building winning rosters. Get your legs under you before taking the plunge into the bigger events. There are no gifts in life everything is earned, do you homework and put yourself in position to come away with a victory.

Is DraftKings the best DFS website?
While there are dozens of daily fantasy sports websites, DraftKings offers our favorite product by far. Contests are bigger, with larger payouts, their website is easy to use, payouts are fast, and their support team is the most player-friendly in the industry. They are working to bring the most challenging but easy to use game site to you.

The DraftKings product is polished, with a great app, great website, and overall well-thought-out user experience. They also offer the top promotions in the industry, starting with our promo code and including the largest guaranteed prize pool contests in the industry.

DraftKings Live Finals and Events PromotionsWhat sports can I play on DraftKings?
You can find the usual fantasy sports on DraftKings, including fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, as well as college football, college basketball, PGA, MMA, soccer, and Nascar. Not only is their variety, but there are massive tournaments in each sport. In fact, DraftKings has already had 4 PGA Millionaire Maker tournaments, they consistently put the ultimate cash prize along with bragging rights out there for all to win.

How do I receive my deposit bonus?
For obvious reasons, your deposit bonus is gradually released into your account over time. This is the only way to ensure players don’t abuse the deposit bonus policy by only playing with deposit bonus funds, or by creating multiple accounts to receive additional deposit bonuses.

The fact that the bonus is gradually released ensures you have every opportunity to play week after week. Make sure that you are competing in contests with the best odds like 50/50’s and head to head contests, and you will eventually earn every penny of the bonus you receive for using our promo code.

How do I receive the free entry for using the Fantasy Football Freaks DraftKings promo code?
When you register using our exclusive DraftKings promo code, you receive their best possible deposit bonus as well as a free entry. To access your free entry, simply log into your new DraftKings account and click on the tickets tab where you will find the ticket for a free $3 tournament. This ticket can be redeemed on any $3 tournament, including their NFL tournaments that pay out as much as $100,000 to first place!

As of July, 2017 users can now see what contests they have tickets for right in the lobby. When you have a ticket for a contest, it will have a T next to the entry fee. Simply click to enter the contest, build your lineup, and choose to use your ticket instead of money to enter the contest.

How should I withdraw my winnings?
Receiving a withdrawl or payout is never an issue on DraftKings. You can’t withdraw the deposit bonus you receive with our promo code, but can withdraw the money you win with it. A lot of players prefer to receive a check that they deposit into their checking or savings account, but we prefer to regularly withdraw earnings using PayPal. Funds are available immediately, and you can use a PayPal debit card to use them immediately.


Fantasy Football Freaks - DraftKings Review
  • Game Quality - Scoring, roster structures
  • Website design, app design, mobile website, quality of user interface
  • Customer support, reliability, and response time
  • Variety of sports and contests types
  • 'Winability' - Yes it's a thing... How easy is it to win on this site?

Review Summary

DraftKings doesn't win our award for best website or app design, but does offer an unmatched variety of sports and contests. No company in this industry tries as hard as DraftKings to keep daily fantasy new, different, original, and fun.

You are going to love competing in everything from NFL games, college football and basketball, to MMA and PGA. Beyond just the variety and quality of the games, DraftKings offers the largest tournaments in the industry with the highest payouts. Not only does DraftKings feature million dollar football contests, but they have Millionaire Makers for NBA, MLB, and PGA as well.

So bigger, better contests, in a wider variety of sports, and we have the biggest promotion in the industry. Use our DraftKings promo code by the end of this football season and have your initial deposit doubled, up to $600, and receive a free tournament entry that pays out over $1 Million to the winner.

User Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)
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1 Comment

  1. Travis

    May 25, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Let’s go!!! Can’t wait to play. Promo code worked great, got a $100 bonus and just received the free ticket into a MLB tournament.

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