Carson Wentz or Jared Goff? What the Rams Should Do With Number One Pick.

A Daily Fantasy Take On the Number One Pick

The debate between Goff and Wentz has been spirited, with a seemingly 50/50 split between experts, teams, and scouts. As someone that watches dozens of games every week, writes several college football DFS articles weekly, and competes in hundreds of weekly CFB contests I wanted to write a quick article with some player comparisons and breakdown of which QB I prefer and why.

Goff and Wentz – Player Comparison

We fully expect the Rams to go with the California kid, Jared Goff, at pick number one. With Carson Wentz, it gets a little more interesting as Cleveland is trying to move out of the second pick, likely trading with whatever team wants Wentz the most. What will be interesting is if Cleveland doesn’t move the pick, do they take Wentz, or does he start to fall?

As far as arm Talent is concerned turned Goff is light years ahead of Carson Wentz. He has the ability to make downfield reads and throw accurate balls on routs over 20 yards. His arm strength and accuracy make him an ideal fit for a team that wants to run the ball and keep the safeties honest by making plays over the top.

Carson Wentz on the other hand is a natural born leader, a type A personality, but much more of a project that Jared Goff. The perfect fit for Carson Wentz would be a system like Kansas City, as we think compares favorably to Alex Smith. Wentz has the mental fortitude to read and process complex NFL defenses and get his team in and out of the right plays and formations. What he currently lacks is polish and accuracy on down field throws, a trait that sets guys like Brees, Rodgers, and Brady apart.

Which Quarterback Do We Prefer?

So if we had the number one pick which quarterback would we take? Both quarterbacks are a good fit in the right system, but this discussion will focus more on which quarterback we see as a franchise player and an elite quarterback in the NFL. An elite quarterback lifts the play of his entire team by making plays and throws outside of the system.

If I had the number one pick the answer would be Jared Goff, but I don’t think it’s a no-brainer decision .

To me Goff’s arm separates him from 99% of the prospects at the quarterback position. His ability to move in the pocket, the fact that he was constantly under pressure at Cal, and the fact that he is used to adversity and playing on a bad team makes him less of a project than a guy like Wentz who always had mismatches and a clean pocket.

In the USC game film below, you can see the kind of pressure and small windows Goff had to deal with at Cal… He has excellent feet and above-average pocket awareness. He can run, but doesn’t want to and certainly doesn’t rely on his feet… Even under pressure, Goff is looking to get through his progressions and check the ball down.

This isn’t a knock on went I think they will be a solid NFL quarterback he’s a great leader and will make a great face of the franchise. However, I think the upside for God is closer to Aaron Rodgers with his ability to move in the pocket and throw accurately to any part of the field.

The perfect system for Goff is one similar to what Green Bay currently runs, where he is running play-action with vertical threats, as well as quick throws underneath in a West Coast style. Goff’s ability to raise the play of a mediocre set of receivers, in a power 5 conference, over his four years at Cal proves that he can make the players around him better which is one of the big traits we look for in a quarterback prospect.

If we learned anything from Winston and Mariota, both of these kids will be factors on FanDuel and DraftKings next season so it’s worth getting to know each player ASAP. We want to hear your opinion which quarterback do you prefer and why let us know in the comments section.

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