Where Can You Play Daily Fantasy College Football?

Daily Fantasy College Football Options for the 2018 Season

**Updated for start of 2018 CFB Season**
fanpicks-dfs-college-footballAs of September 9, the only place to play daily fantasy CFB is FanPicks. We played on FanPicks throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons, and were happy with their website, user experience, variety contests, and deposit/payout process. They are back for the 2018 CFB season with a redesigned and much improved product.

New users only: Register at Fan Picks today, using our exclusive promo code below and receive an industry leading 110% bonus on your initial deposit.

Fan Picks filled over 10,000 college football contests last season and have already filled over 400 contests in the 2017 season. Spots are filling up fast for the Thursday slate, and we expect Saturday to be full well before the games arrive. Once you have registered, if you are looking for some CFB content to get you started, check our college football section for articles covering all thing Fan Picks and fantasy CFB for this week.

For those of you that may be on the fence about trying a website other than FanDuel, DraftKings, or Yahoo, Fan Picks has passed all of our (and our reader’s) tests with flying colors. Customer support is considerably better than either of the two big names in this industry, withdraw payments are processed fast and with no questions asked, and they have made improvements on their contests, website, and payout structures every week.

Start small, try a $10 deposit with our promo code to get you going, give them a chance, we think you are going to enjoy playing on Fan Picks, and will of course love playing fantasy college football.

Please note the image below if from their format two seasons ago, the product has been completely revamped and looks phenomenal.

where can you play cfb fantasy this year

The Status of Fantasy College Football

Again, we wrote the following article back in April of 2016, and as of September 2017, we are down to one CFB website.

The latest announcement from FanDuel and DraftKings, suspending all college sports contests, has a lot of DFS players wondering, where can I play daily fantasy college football? Years ago, we built our brand on college football and think that, whether played for money or not, it’s one of the most entertaining games on the planet.

Keeping that in mind, we are dedicated to helping our readers find every site they can play daily fantasy on, and providing you a quick review of what you can expect when playing there. With the two major names in this industry out of fantasy college football, we are left with some smaller, less known companies, but a few of these websites offer fun, unique contests, that pay out fast.

Will They Offer Daily Fantasy College Football in 2018?

Fantasy Aces

FantasyAces is perhaps the largest site left in the fantasy college football world. They will offer thousands of weekly CFB contests and will most-closely resemble what you would expect to see at FanDuel or DraftKings. This includes a ton of weekly freerolls and contests that start at just $1.10 and run up into the $109 range. FantasyAces is one of the best run companies that will offer fantasy CFB in 2016. Their payouts are lightning fast, and website is user-friendly and well supported.

fantasy feud college football contests

Fantasy Feud

Fantasy Feud college football fantasy contests closely resemble what you will find on Fantasy Aces… A creative take on the classic fantasy football game… In addition to standard fantasy football contests, Fantasy Feud offers unique games like Pro Pick’em and Survivor contests. Every website that we recommend will pay out fast and reliably, and Fantasy Feud is no exception. They are one of the bigger non-FanDuel and DraftKings websites in the industry and you should have no reservations about competing on their site.



If you ask anyone that works in the daily fantasy industry who the biggest non-FD/DK websites are, the first three names out will likely be FantasyAces, Fantasy Feud and DraftDay. Sites like SportsLine, Yahoo, and StarsDraft certainly have upside, but are way too conservative to be considered an option for daily college football. As far as DraftDay is concerned, they offer they same contests you would find on FanDuel, and their lobby is active… they keep contests small, but they fill quickly. This makes it super easy for beginners to get into contests that are fairly easy to win.

college football dfs websites

The Future of Daily Fantasy College Football

We don’t see a situation in which DFS college football goes away for good… it’s just too popular and frankly the NCAA doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this fight. Look for websites that stay in the game and offer college football to grow in popularity because of it. Make sure you do your part by voicing your opinion that DFS is a game of skill and that your right to play daily fantasy college football matters.

To me, no sport offers a bigger challenge than college football. Information is limited, the variety of teams, conferences, and styles of play forces you to really know the game to find success. We believe that not only is college football an integral part of this industry, but is exactly what daily fantasy is all about: skill.

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1 Comment

  1. War Eagle

    August 17, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Yessss! Is FanPicks legit? If so, I’m in. I was hoping someone would step up and offer college football this season.

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