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Biggest NFL Fantasy Busts of 2015

biggest nfl fantasy busts of 2015

We’re not too far into the new NFL season yet, but it’s already easy for fantasy fans to identify their mistakes and feel frustration towards the players who just haven’t matched expectations. This sort of thing happens every single year, it’s an inevitability for people who want to enjoy the ups and downs of daily fantasy sports. We all go into the new seasons with a list of potential sleeper picks, breakout players and stars we think we can rely on, but there are always a few players who end up disappointing us. It’s impossible to judge these guys too early in the season as every player goes through rough patches from time to time.

For example, Odell Beckham Jr., one of the most popular fantasy selections of the new season, had a very poor game in Week 1 but bounced back in the second week and has done well since then. Meanwhile, some players did very well in the first week and have struggled since then. Now, we’re in a good position to take a look at the season so far and highlight some of the top fantasy busts that you’ll want to avoid as the games continue.

Jimmy Graham
Graham’s name was on everyone’s lips before the new season began. After some very successful years with the Saints, Graham made the switch to the Seattle Seahawks, where fantasy fans expected to see him play better than ever before. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite turned out that way. If you picked Graham for your fantasy roster, then you shouldn’t feel too bad as he was one of the most commonly picked tight ends in the game. He even had a decent start to the season, but his latest performance against the Packers left a lot to be desired. He got just one catch for 11 yards in that game and fans will hope to see some drastic improvement in the weeks to come.

C.J. Anderson
Anderson had a fantastic spell of form towards the latter end of last season. He was one of the best running backs in the NFL and rightly earned plenty of critical acclaim. This popularity saw him ranked as one of the best running backs in fantasy draft selections. Unfortunately, so far he has failed to show much of the power and pace he displayed last season. If he doesn’t start finding his feet soon, he’ll go down as one of the top fantasy busts we’ve ever seen in the NFL.

Marshawn Lynch
Another running back that is surely disappointing countless fantasy players in Marshawn Lynch. After a solid 2014-15 season in which Lynch put up some career-best figures, many fans were hoping he’d be a reliable fantasy option once again. Nobody was expecting Beast Mode to be a standout player in the NFL, but few would have expected him to perform as poorly as he has so far. The 29-year old running back is currently averaging just 3.5 yards per carry this year and really isn’t playing the way he used to. Fantasy owners should drop Lynch as soon as possible, as there are plenty of other great RBs to take his place.

Drew Brees
Drew Brees hasn’t exactly had a bad start to the new season, but it hasn’t been as impressive as fantasy owners would have hoped. He’s near the top of the leaderboards in terms of passing yards but has managed just two interceptions. The latest news reports also claim that he may be injured and could struggle to start games in the weeks to come, which makes it even more urgent for any owners to remove this signal caller from their rosters.

Greg Olsen
Olsen’s stats do not make for pleasant reading; he’s earned just 7 receptions for 81 yards and hasn’t managed a single touchdown. Compared with other players in the tight end role like Rob Gronkowski, Olsen’s performances have been truly weak. He and Graham were touted as the best tight ends in the NFL after Gronk, but they’ve both been disappointing fantasy players everywhere and need to start playing better.

DeMarco Murray
Murray had a fantastic time with the Cowboys last season, rushing for a very impressive 1,845 yards. However, his start to the new season couldn’t be going any worse. Literally, Murray’s stats have been the worst on record with a shocking 0.5 yards per carry average thanks to his measly 11 rushing yards from 21 carries. Since the NFL record books began, no player has ever performed this badly and the Eagles need to figure out what’s wrong with their new man and fast.

Buffalo Bills Defense
The Bills defense did reasonably well at the start of the season, putting in a solid performance against the Indianapolis Colts. However, the Buffalo defense completely disappeared in the match that followed against the Patriots. Tom Brady was allowed to do whatever he wanted, and if Buffalo continue defending this poorly then they’ll be in for a very rough season.

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