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A Case for Waiting to Draft Your 2015 Fantasy Quarterback

Fantasy QB’s… To Wait, or Not to Wait…

When building your fantasy football team, it can be very tempting to follow in the footsteps of many other fantasy players by bringing in a star quarterback right off the bat. Names like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers are very attractive in terms of the points they can guarantee your team, but using an early round pick on one of these star players could be a mistake. Those early round selections are vital for the future success of your team and it might be more prudent to focus on your wide receivers and running backs in those early rounds and wait a while before drafting your quarterback.

Some experts would even go as far as associating early round quarterback selection with terrible strategy. It might seem very tempting, but there are simply much better ways to build your squad. Ultimately though, it is your decision. Today, we’ll be looking at alternative strategies that you might want to make use of to boost your chances of having a successful fantasy season. However, if you always enjoy drafting your quarterback early and think that system works for you then you certainly have the option of persevering with that strategy. Having a Manning or a Luck in your side certainly has its merits as these players are almost 100% certain to provide your team with a lot of points, but let’s take a look at some different approaches you could take.

Target a Quarterback in the Fifth Round

It is widely recommend to hold off until at least the fifth round of the draft before adding a quarterback to your squad. Why? Well, in the earlier rounds you need to focus on your running backs and wide receivers. Before the fifth round, you can take the time to select two excellent players for each of these vital positions. In many leagues and contests, running backs and receivers can earn your team a lot of points each week and so it’s important to find the best players to fill these spots. The best players can quickly disappear and you don’t want to find yourself in the middle rounds without at least one top RB and an excellent WR.

One of the main reasons to hold off on drafting your signal caller is because there really is quite a lot of depth at that position. If you wait too long to start looking for a good receiver or running back, you can quickly find yourself choosing between players who you’d probably prefer not to have in your squad. It’s true that there are some star quarterbacks like Manning who will be gone by the middle rounds, but you can certainly still find a lot of viable options for that position. This is because more quarterbacks are generating more touchdowns in the modern game. The statistics are all there to prove it: back in the 2005 season, Carson Palmer was the only signal caller to create thirty touchdowns. However, last year an incredible nine quarterbacks managed to generate that many touchdowns.

This is absolute proof that there is far more depth in the quarterback position than ever before. You don’t necessarily need to pick one of the top three or four players anymore as there could easily be about a dozen that are capable of having excellent seasons and earning some big points. Maybe the upcoming season won’t be quite as fruitful as 2014 for signal callers, but the trends show that the likes of Luck, Rodgers, Wilson and Manning aren’t the only players who can make a lot of touchdowns.

wait-and-get-ben-roethlisbergerSo, after those big name players have left the draft, who will be left for your squad? Well frankly, you’ll have a lot of great quarterbacks to choose from. We can assume that Drew Bees will still be around in round 5 and he could be a great option. However, if you decide to wait for the middle rounds (rounds 6-9) to draft a quarterback, you’ll be able to pick from an assortment of top quality players like Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger. Even in the later rounds, guys like Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill can still earn your fantasy side some big points. There’s not much to really differentiate these players from one another as they all have plenty of potential to have good seasons.

Even when compared to the superstar signal callers, you won’t really be sacrificing too much by having a Roethlisberger or Romo in your squad instead of a Luck or Rodgers. Meanwhile, the presence of some first choice receivers and running backs in your team will really help you to be successful. Of course, the quarterback you choose really can change the way your season plays out, so be sure to do the necessary research on the options listed above as it can be hard to really find one player that stands out from that crowd. However, we hope to have convinced you of the benefits of waiting to draft your quarterback. Focus on your priorities (RB and WR) before choosing a signal caller and you should see the benefits as the season progresses.

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